2013 Season Preview Series: Eddie Brunnhoelzl III, Christian Conklin and More

LongIslandJam.com’s next installment of its 2013 Season Preview series includes Modified drivers Eddie Brunnhoelzl III and Chris McGuire; Late Model and Blunderbust driver Brandon Hubbard; and Legend Car driver Christian Conklin.

Eddie Brunnhoelzl III, driver of the No. 8x Modified, plans on racing a full season at Riverhead Raceway in 2013. He also plans to travel to Pennsylvania’s Mahoning Valley and Mountain speedways, schedule permitting. However, Brunnhoelzl still seeks additional sponsorship support. “We are in a big need for some sponsors,” said Brunnhoelzl. “Although we still have Senix Creek Inn, Hagerman Systems and Jim Schaefer, we need all the help we can get.” Brunnhoelzl would like to thank the following people for all of their help and support: his father, Ed; his sister, Keri; his girlfriend, Katie; and his crew – Anthony Mialie, EJ Heim, Jason Kwasna, Matt Odwazny, Kevin Rommeney, Fred Hoeffner, and Collin Hoeffner.

Chris McGuire, driver of the No. 89x Modified, hopes to turn things around from last year. “I have high hopes for the new season,” said McGuire. “I’m counting the days until April – the season can’t get here fast enough.” McGuire plans to race Riverhead’s full schedule, with a loosely different paint scheme than 2012. “We haven’t finalized anything yet on the design,” said McGuire, “but I know it’s going to look amazing.” Supporting McGuire for the 2013 season is M3 Technology, Gershow Recycling and his newest sponsor, Wise Choice Fuel Oil.

Brandon Hubbard raced in the Blunderbust and Late Model divisions in 2012, but he said he is going to put his focus on the Blunderbust in 2013. Unfortunately for Hubbard, the 2012 season ended on a bad note and he hopes that with the new season he can get back to the level he was running at in 2011. “2012 was a bad year for us,” said Hubbard, “I just wasn’t in a good spot. We are just hoping for that win.” Hubbard currently has one sponsor but he is always looking for more. His sponsor, Royalty Tattoo, has been with him since 2011. Hubbard is also racing for a good cause, the National Alopecia Foundation, which raises money to produce wigs for people that were born without the ability to grow hair. “I’m doing this because I know a couple of people that have it,” said Hubbard. “We are looking to do what we can to raise some money for them and get the name out there.”

Christian Conklin, driver of the No. 84 Legend, hopes that to carry the success he found in 2012 into 2013. “I believe 2012 was a success in that I made my presence known and gained some recognition, not only in the division but to the Saturday night crowd as well,” said Conklin, a former Enduro driver. “I am hoping that 2013 will be another step in the same direction in that I may claim a spot in people’s minds as one of the frontrunners in the division.” Conklin plans to run the full season at Riverhead Raceway and hopes to capture the 2013 championship. Conklin also plans on making himself known through his paint scheme. “I will be revealing a whole new design for 2013,” said Conklin, “[I will be] ditching the old paint and coming up with something that will help make myself more recognizable.” Sponsoring Conklin through his endeavors in the Legend division include: East End Limousine, Timothy Hill Children’s Ranch, Let It Shine Detailing, Cool Breeze Trucking, and Spit’s Speed Shop. Conklin would also like to send a special thanks out to his crew members for all of their help in the pits: his brother, Jason Conklin, and Kris Cox along with Shawn Wanat, driver of the No. 02 Legend, and Bryan Kelly, driver of the No. 01 Legend, for lending him a hand in the pits whenever possible.


Source: Danielle McCormack/Rob Blount/LongIslandJam.com